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Buddista is a family of designers devoted to designing great
urban-style bags for the "new power people" of this world: conscious,
fun-loving and creative
. People who are not afraid of believing we can
and will create a better world! That's why we chose a victorious Buddha as our logo, since we still believe in the victory of the best in people today.

At first we focussed on producing messenger bags that befriended dj's
were in need off. Off course messenger bags, not only from our Buddista brand, turned out to be a life style item not just dj's couldn't do without. The typical over the shoulder worn, big, handy, stylish bags carry around just about anything you can imagine.

Our team strives to understand the challenges faced by today's people.
We study how they use exciting products, and armed with this
knowledge, create smarter more innovative solutions that combine
advance functionalities and modern design.
The result is a variety of exciting bags that make day-to-day living
easier and more fun!
Buddista is looking for shops around the world to sell our unique bags and collections.
Buddista is producing a series of loungy compilation cd's The Sound of Buddista
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