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Buddista is a Family of Designers believer that globalization can have very positive effects for people around the world by connecting people through international trade, creating jobs and lifting economies. It can also have crushing effects on local economies and the environment. So the goal around here is to try and figure out how to use the benefits of globalization positively, while remembering that local production matters.

Did you ever wonder where your recycled soda bottles go?

For most of us, the thought never crosses our minds; we just put the bottle in the Recycling bin and move on. But those bottles matter in the world… they're an excellent source of plastic that can be recycled, and the "polymer" they contain can be used in a wide range of products over and over again.

When two chemicals are combined at a very high temperature, they form a new chemical known as a polymer. Plastics are polymers and there are a wide variety of options. The chemical name for the polymer used in our bags is Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET.
PET is used for making everything from umbrellas, to those polyester jumpsuits the Elvis used to wear, to critical medical equipment.

And of course on of the largest uses is for soda bottles.

How cool is that?!

The bottle of cola you just slurped down will someday be part of the bag you are about to buy from us. See what we did there?

This is called subtle marketing.

Recycling PET into polyester is also alleged to be less damaging to the environment even than growing organic cotton, because cotton leaches nutrients from soil and requires so much open space to grow.

The energy used to make polyester from recycled PET bottles is also significantly less than that needed to heat the chemicals for virgin polyester.

Here is the final key fact to take away: All plastics are made of petroleum and petroleum is increasingly scarce in the world, and therefore getting more expensive. Concepts like PET recycling and use in Consumer products is on way we all can reduce our dependency on oil.
The Future: The Challenge and the Promise

Closed Loop.

Closing the loop is where all the cool innovation lies in this world…Recycling the bottles more efficiently, and increasing the range of products that can be produced. We're on the verge of huge changes in how we use our trash, and closing the loop is one of the most exciting aspects of the new way we'll be doing things. There's so much going on these days at every level-new research, new products-and we're excited to see what's coming.

Until then, buy a Buddista bag, they rule!
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